About Our Fraternity

About Our Fraternity

We are an organization that meets on the basis of equality and harmony; we are patriots and hold our duties to God, our neighbors and ourselves as sacred.

A Masonic Lodge should resemble a beehive, in which all members work together with ardor for the common good, ferment friendships, and create life time bonds. We meet in Lodge in a condition of perfect equality. The lesson of equality taught in our Lodges is the aspiration of every Republic. It is the Lodge that taught the founders of our Nation the idea of equal justice under the law, that government is framed by men, by their common consent for the protection of their rights and dignity, for their mutual well-being and happiness.

Masonry utters no impracticable precepts, it asks of the initiates nothing that is not possible and even easy to perform, its teachings are eminently practical, and its statutes can be obeyed by every just, upright, and honest man, no matter what his faith or creed. It teaches those truths that are written by the finger of God upon the heart of man.

We are pleased that you’re interested in Freemasonry, and would like to invite you to spend some time with us. You need to make sure, first, that you want to become a Mason, and second that you feel comfortable in the Lodge you select. On our part, a current members must sign your petition and to do so they must get to know you and about you. We recommend coming regularly for several months and meeting as many of the Brothers as you can before deciding to fill out a petition for membership.

How to Join ?

If you are from South Florida to email us or visit us on a Thursday night at 6:30 p.m.